Sushant Singh Rajput case: Locksmith who unlocked the door of actor’s bedroom reveals he was not allowed to peep into the room; says didn’t know it was Sushant’s house

With number of accusations and revelations, alleged suicide case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has come to a point where Cental Bureau of Investigation has taken over and is looking into the matter as they arrived in Mumbai on August 20th. Late actor’s father had filed complaint in Bihar against Rhea Chakraborty which the latter tried to tranfer the case to Mumbai. Recently the man who had broke the locked door of Sushant Singh’s bedroom came forward and gave a statement in media about what all had happened on June 14.

According to an interview taken by India Today, the locksmith was called around 1:05 pm by Sidharth Pithani saying that someone is sleeping inside and is not responding. Rafique Shaikh, the locksmith asked Pithani to send him a picture of the lock on Whatsapp first. “He sent me a picture of lock saying this is the type, I asked him to resend the picture of exact lock which was about to be opened, later he sent me the actual one.”, says Shaikh. He did not even know who Sidharth Pithani was and discovered it only after the case heated on social media. Locksmith even revealed that he was not allowed to go inside the room once he opened the computerised lock with a knife and a hammer, in fact was asked to leave if he hears any noises.


Rafique also stated that he was not aware of the fact that the house belonged to actor Sushant Singh Rajput and he realised it later when Mumbai Police called him for inquiry. “When I entered the house there were 3-4 people and none of them were worried or stressed. I did my job and left the place with Rs.2000.”, Shaikh said when asked about the details. He even confirmed that actor’s sister Priyanka was also present in the house.

Locksmith has already been interrogated by Mumbai Police but is yet to record his statement in front of CBI which has already questioned a lot of people till now who were involved with the late actor.