Shweta Tripathi says ‘We have to have sympathy’ for Rhea Chakraborty, reacts on drug links in Bollywood

Shweta Tripathi expresses her opinions on the ongoing media trial of Rhea Chakraborty, says ‘We have to have sympathy’.

Masaan famed actress Shweta Tripathi recently spoke on the ongoing media trial on Rhea Chakraborty in her connection with late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case.

Commenting on the same during her interview with Times Now, Shweta said, “Think on a human level, this is no way to treat anyone. Our empathy levels have to be high. We have to have sympathy. Forget about global warming, this way humanity will end humanity. It is important to have empathy.”


Further talking on the drug-link in the case, Shweta added, “I think we should be in a place to comment if we know something, or if we can manage our own lives. I feel that we are unable to manage our lives and then we comment on others, the ones we don’t even know. We really have no right on things in the industry like, Kaun paani pi raha hai, kaun daaru pi raha hai industry mei, kaun drugs kar raha hain humanity kaha hai? So, even if some is doing something wrong, like Mahatma Gandhi said, if someone slaps you one the left cheek, you present them the right one.”