Sapna Choudhary gives birth to a baby boy, strikes controversy yet again

Sapna Choudhary who recently gave birth to a baby boy has grabbed the attention of the netizens for all the wrong reasons

Sapna Choudhary, the sweetheart of Haryana has yet again been trapped in a controversy. She recently gave birth to a baby boy. And as the news made headlines, it grabbed the attention of the trollers. The actress keeps her personal and professional life private. Which is also the reason why people were unaware of her marriage to Veer Sahu, earlier this year. The trollers are pointing fingers at Sapna Choudhary’s integrity as a woman and questioning her. To which Sapna Choudhary’s Haryanvi husband, who is also an actor came out in support of his wife.

He gave a strong response to those who commented on her wife’s character. It happened during a Facebook Live that he confirmed the news that they have been blessed with a baby boy and that it was nobody’s business to know more about when did they get married or conceived the baby.


He Further clarified that he is speaking as a ‘family man’ and has  not come out in order to gain publicity or TRP. He then informed his viewers that Sapna and him had to get married when his uncle was on his death bed on the new year eve.