R Madhavan and Chetan Bhagat get involved in a spat over Twitter platform; actor says’3 Idiots movie was better than the book’

Bollywood actor Madhavan and author Chetan bhagat seemed to get into a word war over movies and books on their social media platform.

To see Bollywood celebrities engage themselves in Twitter spats seems like a rare thing, that too over a certain issue. But author Chetan Bhagat and actor R Madhavan did not seem to think twice before going into taking potshots at each other through the social media platform. Taking subtle digs at each, the two got themselves entangled in a war of words on their Twitter handles.

This all started when Netflix India, on Monday was asking people around to pick between books and movies. Chethan Bhagat replied to the thread, saying, “My books, and the movies based on them.”This particularly caught Madhavn’s eye who proceeded to reply, “Hey Chetan..My bias is movies>books.” And before we know it, a hilarious war-of-words commenced between the two on the micro-blogging website.


Replying to Madhavn’s message,¬† Bhagat wrote, “Have you ever heard anyone ever say the movie is better than the book?” Madhavan, referring to the 2009 blockbuster he starred in, that was based on Bhagats maiden best-seller, titles Five Point Some, replied with a pat, “Yes!3 Idiots.”

Going on with the fun word war between the two, Chethan replied to the tweet, saying, “Well I prefer to be known as Chethan over being known as Farhan from that one movie”. “I’m not only known just for Farhan but also Manu from Tanu wed Manu, Karthik from Alaipauthey and my favorite, Maddy Kyunki Main Rehta Hoon Sab Ke Dil Main,” the actor replied along with some smiling emoticons.

Finally, the banter was disclosed at the end after a night-long of it going on, with Madhavan saying at the end that all these exchanges were scripted.

The duo is currently being seen on Netflix’s series Decoupled, along with other stars with whom they will share the screen.