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No Riverdale season 8; Here’s the reason Riverdale will end after Season 7

‘Riverdale’ on the CW network has been cancelled and will conclude after season seven for the following reasons.

The seventh and final season of Riverdale has officially arrived. Why and at this time is Riverdale ending? This programme has demonstrated that they will never run out of material after everything from musical performances to serial killers, bear attacks, and maple syrup feuds. It’s preferable to this than being abruptly cancelled because the show now has more time to make the Riverdale series finale as bizarre as it wants.

Tomorrow is the debut of Season 7 on The CW. (Yes, soon we’ll be able to watch new episodes of Riverdale, Yellowjackets, and Succession simultaneously. There are many!) The characters have been sent to the 1950s by some alternate universe/time travel nonsense.


“Thank god the ’50s were as crazy as they were, because it’s been so fun to be in that world,” showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told Entertainment Weekly. “Every season we explore the tropes of a specific genre, be it supernatural, be it pulp, be it crime. This year our genre is the 1950s, so we’re in dialogue with the American myth of what the 1950s were versus the reality.” Rather than a Big Bad, he said, “The biggest struggle is our characters trying to live authentic individualistic lives during a time period where that was really hard to do.” In all its sock-hop splendour, the season 7 trailer can be seen right now here: