#MeToo: Payal Ghosh terms the movement ‘False’ after accusing Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct

Payal Ghosh has questioned the authenticity of the #MeToo movement that started about two years back in India, by calling it ‘fake’.

The Bengali actress Payal Ghosh, who had lately made headlines for accusing filmmaker Anurag Kashyap for alleged sexual misconduct with her in the year 2013 has now questioned the authenticity of the movement that started about two years back. The actress has apparently called the MeToo movement in India as ‘fake’.

For the uninitiated, Payal Ghosh had accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment, on social media and said that the filmmaker had forced himself on her. Later, she went on registering an FIR against Kashyap, who was interrogated by the Versova Police station after. Kashyap’s lawyer had then released an official statement and shared that he has provided evidence of being out of the country during the incident.


On Twitter, Payal tweeted, “All the accused got a clean chit in the #Metooindia movement. So it deems the accuser to be false. Why are they not punished for harassment then? Where is the truth. Up in the air. Why are those women not behind the bars for false accusations, as the accuser got a clean sheet?” Payal Ghosh explained how all the #MeTooIndia accused got a clean chit and mentioned that the movement considers the accuser to be faulty.

Here’s the tweet:

Payal Ghosh in a separate tweet wrote, “The women posting in support of the accused know nothing about the situation and can have an opinion that the accused can’t do this ever. It’s like the rapist’s wife saying that the husband is innocent and can never do this. Tell me otherwise.” Ghosh shared her opinion by tagging #MeToo and #fake and also indirectly taunted the ones standing up for Kashyap. She also stated that the ones posting in support of the accused have no understanding of the situation and have an opinion on the same.

Here’s the tweet:

On the counterpart, after Anurag Kashyap’s lawyer Priyanka Khimani released an official statement and stated that her client has provided evidence of him being out of the country, in Sri Lanka, shooting for a film, Payal Ghosh claimed that the filmmaker has lied before the police. She then asked for a lie detector, polygraph test and narco analysis test to be performed on him. Later, according to an IANS report, Ghosh’s lawyer said on his unverified Twitter handle that he has filed an application to the Police station on his client’s behalf to conduct the required tests on Kashyap, to know the truth.