Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan reveals, Mahesh Bhatt told her at Jiah’s funeral, “chup ho ja, nahi to tujhe bhi sula denge”

Rabia Khan in a recent interview with India Today Television revealed how Mahesh Bhatt had threatened her during her daughter Jiah Khan’s funeral.

Late actress Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan opened up about the time when the filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt asked her to stay quiet at Jiah’s funeral. In an exclusive interview with India Today Television, she also talked about how Bollywood mafia, with their power and money, helped Sooraj Pancholi. Jiah Khan was found dead at her house in Mumbai in June 2013. Her family accuses Sooraj Pancholi, who was Jiah’s then-boyfriend.

When Rabia Khan was asked about Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, she said that she was among the first one to say that this is a murder. She feels that Jiah’s case and SSR’s case have many similarities. She went on to say that Sooraj and Rhea trapped their respective partners in love, promised them of marriage, took their money and kept them away from their loved ones. Rabia, further laughed at the police, since she feels that they have spent more time sabotaging the investigation than finding the truth.


Rabia was also asked about the time when Jiah was declared depressed by everyone. To this, she claimed that during her daughter’s funeral, only Mahesh Bhatt came to her and stated that Jiah was depressed. Rabia further said that when she disagreed to the fact that her daughter was depressed, Bhatt told her  “Tum chup hojao varna tumhe bhi injection deke sula dege.”

The actress’ mother was further questioned about Mahesh Bhatt’s comment on Sushant’s mental health. Rabia stated that Bhatt is a mouthpiece of the Bollywood mafia. She further stated that the filmmaker is such a pathetic person that she has no words to express. Mahesh Bhatt was later accused by Rabia for intimidating Jiah when she worked for him at the age of 16. Rabia concluded that she will be speaking for justice and will show the real faces of these people.