Jaya Saha’s WhatsApp chat reveal new actors’ initials ‘S’ and ‘N’, ‘How you are making me into a peddler’

In the new revelation, Jaya Saha’s Whatsapp chat reveals actress with initials ‘S’ and ‘N’. They are seen talking about CBD oil.

Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput‘s manager Jaya Saha is being grilled by Narcotics Control Bureau. She has been summoned twice till date. Jaya’s Whatsapp Chat has revealed names of few Bollywood celebrities who asked her for drugs.

In the new revelation, WhatsApp chat accessed by Times Now suggests that Jaya has been on talking terms with actresses with initials, ‘S’ and ‘N’. In the chat, it can be seen that Jaya has sent a message to ‘S’, that says “CBD Oil,” and is acknowledged with a reply, “Thank You.”


The other chat that surfaced has a conversation between the talent manager and ‘N’. In the chat, ‘N’ says  “U promise me to get me some nice MD (MDMA) in Bombay and we will party together.” To which Jaya replied, “How you are making me into a peddler. However! Your wish is my command.”

Further reports suggests that Jaya Saha might be taken into custody. It also suggests that the other managers of the same company were supplying banned items like ‘CBD oil’, ‘ecstasy pills’, ‘weed’ and ‘marijuana’ to Bollywood Celebrities.

Earlier, her chats with Deepika Padukone surfaced after which NCB plans to summon the actress. Sara Ali Khan and Shraddha Kapoor are likely to be summoned too.