Black Panther Live-to-Picture performance this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl

This weekend will mark the live to picture performance from Black Panther, composer Ludwig shared his views.

The international cultural phenomenon and Marvel movie Black Panther’s Oscar-winning score, by Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson, was equally thrilling for its extraordinary combination of African influences, traditional orchestra and contemporary production techniques.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday from September 10 – 12, music will be performed live-to-picture by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, at the Hollywood Bowl.


“An emotional rollercoaster,” is how Göransson describes it, especially considering last year’s death of star Chadwick Boseman, in the role of T’Challa, the Wakandan ruler who is also the superhero Black Panther.
“I was thrilled, what was most important to me was that we get the right players to play this. We have the best orchestra in the world, now let’s get the African musicians who played on the score.”Göransson added.

It will also consist of Baaba Maal’s voice at critical moments in the score, majorly at the introduction to Wakanda. He has flown in from Senegal”

The 134-minute film is known to have two hours of music, hence the musicians on stage will be playing the majority.

While the orchestra and soloists will be performing live with Thomas Wilkins, primary conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, the choral elements of the score, and the music-production portions will be played from the original tracks of the movie

The film “was such a big part of my life, not just my music or my career. I was so committed, personally and musically, that I grew into another stage of my life. So going back to that now, revisiting that, is going to be heavy.” said Göransson

The composer will also be among the audience during the weekend performances