Bihar police disguised as astrologers to get evidence after Mumbai cops’ incoordination

Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey revealed that, Bihar Police had to use ‘jugaad’ to work on Sushant SIngh;s case and Mumbai Police did not help them

The four-member team from the Bihar Police, who had arrived in Mumbai for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, had questioned several people who were linked with the late actor. On Thursday, they finally left the city with statements and pieces of evidence related to the case. Bihar Police also stated that the accused of this case, Rhea Chakraborty, had left her house ‘after learning that we were coming to Mumbai, and hid in her Bandra flat’.

Investigating Officer Qaisar Yasin, who was heading the Bihar police team, said that they had to inculcate their techniques and use ‘jugaad’ to investigate the case in Mumbai. The officer further stated that they collected all the necessary statements and shreds of evidence before leaving from Mumbai.
Yasin told Mid-day on the phone that, “After reaching Mumbai on July 28, we realised that the local police won’t help us in the investigation. So, we dressed up as astrologers and entered the world of Bollywood, and spoke to several people in the industry in connection with Rajput’s death.”


He further added, “Around 36 hours prior to our arrival in the city, we asked our informers to tail Chakraborty and they used to give us regular information about her. When we approached the Bandra police, they refused to give the recorded statements. We then decided to use jugaad that comes in handy in Bihar all the time. We got costumes and became astrologers and met several people and recorded their statements.”

The officers further accused Mumbai Police by saying that they had continuously traced their mobile numbers. But, with the help of their officers from Bihar, they were able to divert the locations of their phone elsewhere.

Yasin said that they gave an open challenge to Mumbai Police to trace them and quarantine them. “Many Mumbai police officers were also after us, but even they couldn’t find us.”

Furthermore, Bihar Police also revealed, “after learning that we were coming to Mumbai for the investigation, and hid in her Bandra flat”. “She was HIDING under the Bandra police’s jurisdiction,” stated the Bihar Police.

Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey told Mid-day on a phone call that the Bihar Police officials had to use ‘jugaad’ to investigate the case, as they saw lack of cooperation from Mumbai Police in this matter. DGP said, “Mumbai police didn’t help us, but our officers managed to get all the information. We can’t disclose what we have collected. If Mumbai police had helped us, our officers wouldn’t have to use other ways to investigate.”