Aditya Narayan clarifies he is not bankrupt, asks ‘after working for two decades how can I go moneyless?’

Singer and Actor Aditya Narayan refutes the rumours of him going bankrupt. He asked his fans to look at all the work that he has done.

Recently, a news broke, where it was revealed that Aditya Narayan has gone bankrupt and has only ₹18,000 left in his bank account. Aditya, who is all set to marry his long time girlfriend, Shweta Agarwal revealed the news few days back. As the news of his bankruptcy went viral, Aditya stepped forward to explain that it is not true. He clarified, ” I generally mentioned that I have bought a new apartment before the lockdown so being celebrity even, I have to think about EMIs and if pandemic extends for a longer period all of us have to suffer some way. I casually mentioned that mere 5 lakhs kat gaye hai EMI ke liye aur mere pas abhi 18K bache hai. But that doesn’t mean I have gone bankrupt and I have no money left me. After working for more than two decades and that too working continuously how can I go moneyless?”

However, he appreciated everyone’s efforts who came forward to help him, in such a time. But he asked his fans to look back at all the work he has done and then analyse the matter. It was also reported, that his savings have depleted and he had to withdraw the money that he had invested. But these reports were rubbished by Aditya himself. He was also asked by a fan if he’d be getting even more gifts on his wedding?