BLACKPINK Rapping star Lisa released her new solo album LALISA’s visual teaser #2

Lisa, BLACKPINK star, is about to drop her first single album and released an eerie teaser on Tuesday

BLACKPINK Rapper, dancer and singer Lisa released the teaser to her debut solo album on August 27 and surprised fans to frenzy and anticipation for the upcoming album.

Lisa is known and loved by fans for the swagger and the charm she brings in her every song. Her first single Solo was received by Blinks. Blackpink fans, with much appreciation and craze over her skills and looks.


To continue building anticipation second visual teaser was released, Lisa can be seen standing on a bridge like place with buildings as backdrop with their twinkling windows at night, this monochrome builds suspense and adds to the anticipation building among fans.  The “Icecream” singer in her reflective high waist pants, a sleeveless band T-Shirt and hair that hangs like curtains down to her waist took fan’s breath away.

First teaser revealed Lisa basking in red light with lightning as background audio, a perfect way to announce the first look of the rapper in her debut album. While the audio in the second visual teaser gives an eerie feeling and seems to be preparing fans to expect the unexpected.

BLACKPINK members- Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie also showered their support by taking to the social media platforms and posting the release date the debut solo album. BLACKPINK’s label, YG Entertainment, also shared the teaser to its socials, as well as BLACKPINK’s respective social media pages.

Earlier this year Rosé, lead singer of the group, also released her two singles: On the Ground and Gone for which she gained a lot of appreciation by fans. BLACKPINK members have supported each other throughout their solo and group career since the very starting. In BLACKPINK: The Movie, released on August 4 this year, members spoke about how they all found each other during their training period and formed a bond of friendship which later gradually took the form of this successful band.

BLACKPINK members have been doing many things out of their singing career, Jisoo is shooting a Korean drama tentatively titled as Snowdrop and while Lisa working as mentor in hit variety show Qing Chun You Ni 2. 

More information about Lisa’s Solo album release is posted on BLACKPIN’s Instagram account including black and gold box set versions that are currently available for preorder and also including an eighty eight pages photobook and a rare photocard.