Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha: Khanzaadi talks about her first love; says, “Woh mujhe mom seKhanzaadi

Khanzaadi share about her marriage plans and talks about her first love in this Bigg Boss 17 Unseen undekha clipping.

Bigg Boss 17 recently found new angle in Khanzaadi aka Firoza Khan and Abhishek Kumar.  As two were seen caught up in adorable moments as per the most recent episodes.

For this reason, the atmosphere of the house is also turned into an romantic one so much so that Khanzaadi was seen sharing her marriage plans as well as previous relationships as per the recent Bigg Boss 17 Unseen Undekha clipping.


This Unseen Undekha clipping opens with Rinku Dhawan asking Khanzaadi about her marriage plans. Khanzaadi replies, “Merko na director sae shaadi Karni Hai. Kyoki I feel he would be able to portray me well.”

Hearing this Rinku remarks that if this is her goal, Maraying  a writer would be much more better option as they are ones who write the scripts. Khanzaadi agrees.

Firoza further continues and says that the her ‘Humsfar’ must he talented and should be into direction or writing or something along the same lines.

Rinku then asks Khanzaadi about her dating history. She then shares the story about her first relationship that happened in her hometown Banglore. She says, “We were like aina. Matlab marte dam tak mein ushko yaad rakhungi.”

Explaining the relationship she shares how the then partner is now married but they had an excellent chemistry and that he adored her more then her mother. She said, “Woh mujhe mere mom sae bhi zayda pyaar karta tha.”

When asked the reason for their breakup, Firoza explains that the family got involved and they weren’t happy with their relation. However, she remarked that she would never forget him.