Bigg Boss 17: Sunny Arya’s wife Deepika Arya all set to enter the house as a wild card contestant? Here’s the scoop

After the quick entry and exit of wild card contestant Manasvi Mamgai, rumours are strong that the makers are all set to welcome 2 more new enteries!

Bigg Boss 17 is slowly catching up pace and serving the fans with some high-voltage drama. The contestants are churning out some fresh controversies everyday to remain in the headlines and we are absolutely loving it.

Recently, the Bigg Boss house welcomed two new wild card enteries- Manasvi Mamgai and Samarth Jurel. While the latter one was successful in being active in the house being contestant Isha Malviya’s boyfriend; Manasvi was not able to fit well in the house. Neither was her presence making a difference for the housemates nor was she accepted by the fans of the show. This marked hee exit from the house in just a week of stay.


While, if we talk about Samarth, he seems to be doing just fine as he still has Isha and Abhishek to create some content on inside the house. However, makers are now planning to add on some more twist! If we believe the rumours, it is said that contestant Sunny Arya’s wife Deepika Arya is being approached for a wild card entry. For the unversed, Deepika is also a YouTuber and she was also seen on the premiere night of Bigg Boss 17 where she had come to see off her husband and had lighten up the stage with her comic timing. Seems like Sunny too needs a push from his wife to be seen more in the show and if at all she enters the show the dynamics might change. Let’s see what happens next.

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