Bigg Boss 17 Promo: Samarth Jurel takes a dig at Abhishek Kumar; says, “Harkate eshe karoge toh koi nahi rahega tumhare sath”

A heated confrontation erupts between Abhishek and Samarth over comments made to Isha Malviya, leading to a physical altercation before housemates intervene.

The most recent Bigg Boss 17 promo uploaded by the official handle of the channel covers a fight erupting between Abhishek Kuma and Samarth Jurel causing a physical altercation between the two. This altercation only stopped when the housemates interjected, pulling Abhishek back as the BB17 promo suggests.

As per the latest promo, the upcoming episode will showcase Samarth who is also the admitted boyfriend of Isha Malviya confronting, Abhishek about his comment. The comment was made by Abhishek to Isha as he questioned her loyalty. In another promo released by the channel, Abhishek was seen saying, “2 mahine mein move on kar liya tune.” While the actress will be seen taking her own stand, Samarth too went to confront the issue with Abhishek.


The promo showcases Samarth asking, “Tu Isha ko kya realization karwana chahta hai?” in an angry tone. He further added, “Ushe 1 din mein bhi move on karna hoga toh woh karegi.” Abhishek then replies by saying that it is an individual decision. Samarth shut him down saying, “Woh mere sath hai, toh merko bura laga. Tu usko poke nahi karega, usko ache se rehn de ish ghar mein.”

Abhishek tauntingly agrees. Samarth then continues, “Harkate eshe karoge na toh tumhare sath koi nahi rhega.” The promo then shows Samarth telling Abhishek to respect women. While Abhishek warns him not provoke him.

The promo ends with showcasing two of them neck to neck with each other. When they push the other, However, their fight cools down as the housemates pull each away from the other.