Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts: Sana Raees Khan grills Vicky Jain on his loyalty; latter says, “Trust me or it won’t work”

Vicky Jain confronts Sana Raees Khan over trusting him inside the house after latter asks for a simple clarification as per the recent Bigg Boss 17 live shorts clipping.

In the latest Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts Clipping, Vicky Jain was seen assuring Sana Raees Khan to put her trust in him for the remainder of the game. Their conversation was glimpsed on Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts clipping.

This Live Shorts clip opened in the bedroom area where Vicky and Sana were having a casual conversation. Sana in the conversation asked Vicky to clarify his stand and support for her inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. She also asks him to keep their conversation a secret.


Sana seeking to clarify, asked, “I just wanted to clarify if you’re keeping these conversations between us” Vicky annoyed by her constant questioning asked Sana to trust him. Explaining, he says, “If you keep questioning everything we do…I don’t like to testify again and again. If you trust me then don’t do it again and again.”

Sana explains her side and says that she is not doubting him but just looking for affirmation from him. Vicky still looking irritable further adds, “Trust me it’s fine and if not then this is not gonna work. I am showing my trust in my ways.” Sana then assures him that she is and also reminds him of a past incident where she stood up for him behind his back when he wasn’t even there and his “So-called” best friends bad-mouthed him.

Vicky agreeing with her asks her to maintain this exact level of trust with him. He ends the conversation by saying, “If by chance this clarification thought comes to you again, finish it off without thinking.”