Bigg Boss 17: Isha Malviya opens up about Samarth Jurel’s presence affecting her game in the house; Vicky Jain mocks, “Ussne notice kara, that’s why he is asking”

Isha Malviya talks about how her boyfriend’s presence not affecting her game, leading to Vicky Jain mocking her in this Bigg Boss 17 BB quicks clipping

Bigg Boss 17’s Isha Malviya has constantly been making headlines but for all the wrong reasons. Previously it was for Salman Khan bashing her for stringing along two boys. Now, the actress was seen discussing about being inside the show with their partners. How it is affecting or not affecting their games with other housemates as per the latest Bigg Boss 17 BB quicks clipping.

This BB quicks clipping, opened with Isha Malviya asking Navid Sole about his time inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. He then remarks to Isha saying that she has been very busy now that her boyfriend Samarth is here. Isha agrees and says that she has to pay attention to him as well.  Navid then further questions if she even wants him in the show. Isha replies by saying that she is. However, Vicky interrupts and says, “No.” while making a sad face.


Navid then further questions if she is even having fun with Samarth. Vicky laughs out loud and tells Navid that he is right in assuming so. He says, “Ussne notice kara, that’s why he is asking this to you.”  Isha replies, “No I am actually happy and he did not notice anything, he is just carrying on a casual conversation.” Vicky mocking Isha then says, “Tum juth bol rahe ho.” The udaariyaan actress denies it again and asks him to explain it again while saying that she is open to any conversations and that’s why she is answering them.

The BB quicks clipping ended with Vicky saying that if had to answer it then he would have answered it differently.