Bigg Boss 17: Fans slam makers for being biased towards Mannara Chopra; stand in favour of Khanzaadi

KhanZaadi took the spotlight on Weekend Ka Vaar, with Mannara Chopra engaging in a showdown. However, audience sentiments suggest a perception of bias towards Chopra by the show’s makers.

Bigg Boss 17 fans enjoyed an extensive Diwali Weekend Ka Vaar in 2023 with Katrina Kaif joining the house. Amidst a heated argument among the housemates, Salman Khan stepped in to address and guide them. Salman Khan pointed out to KhanZaadi that she tends to elongate issues like a chewing gum and accused her of creating a fake love angle with Abhishek Kumar just to sustain in the game. KhanZaadi defended it, insisting it wasn’t as artificial as portrayed. The episode also featured a well-received dance performance by Abhishek Kumar and KhanZaadi.

KhanZaadi made an effort to clarify her stance amid the characterless controversy ignited by Mannara Chopra. Another dispute unfolded when Chopra criticized KhanZaadi, suggesting she wasn’t representing her state appropriately. Many observers believe that Mannara Chopra is receiving undue favoritism from the makers, prompting neutral individuals to rally in support of the Assamese rapper.


While one fan said, “The way #MannaraChopra never regrets the DISGUSTING things she says & #BiggBoss17 boosts her EGO by making #SalmanKhan clear her image & defend her saying “CONTEXT” was different!! Aww, So Cute,” the other said, “#KhanZaadi tu is bar ki #UmarRiaz hai aur #MannaraChopra simba hai jis trh simba ki koi galti nhi hoti thi usi trh ye #overacting ki dukan ki koi galti nhi hai.. #Khanzadi tu aur strong dikhegi.”

Tensions escalated between KhanZaadi and Mannara Chopra, leading to a heated altercation. Chopra went on to label KhanZaadi as “dumb” and questioned the authenticity of their friendship by seeking Arun Mashettey’s opinion. The entire house became entangled in the unfolding drama.

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