Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan and Vikas Gupta get into a fight over former’s ex-girlfriend

In the upcoming episode, the Bigg Boss’ house gets heated up over a fight between Eijaz Khan and Vikas Gupta.

Another week in the Bigg Boss house, and another drama awaits just around the corner. This time it’s Eijaz Khan and Vikas Gupta. Eijaz Khan has been very vocal about his bad past with an ex-girlfriend, and we are very well aware of it. He has been mentioned how a fake dowry case against him has affected him badly.

Colors channel released a teaser for the upcoming episode in which Vikas Gupta is seen confessing to Nikki Tamboli about his friendship with Eijaz’s ex-girlfriend in the past, who cheated on on him. Eijaz is clearly seen getting heated up over the topic of conversation. After that, both of them are seen getting into an argument. Eijaz is seen mentioning how there was a person who influenced his ex-girlfriend to file a fake dowry case against him. To this Vikas replies “vo main tha?” and warns him to not spread false news.


The fight turns nasty and Eijaz is seen kicking and throwing things around. It doesn’t stop at this, Eijaz is also seen trying to get physical with Vikas. Eijaz is also seen threatening to break Vikas’ face if he brings his father into the argument.

In the finale week, the challengers were asked to come inside the house. Eijaz was seen talking to Abhinav Shukla about a fake dowry case filed against him by his ex-girlfriend. He later reveals that his ex-girlfriend told him that she was influenced by somebody and gestures the symbol ‘V’ to Shukla. This means Vikas Gupta influenced his ex-girlfriend.

Let’s see what happens in today’s episode how the argument started and how will it end? Also, nobody gets out of damaging Bigg Boss’ house, what punishment will Eijaz get for that?