Aamir Khan takes legal action against deepfake political ad ahead of Lok Sabha elections

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has found himself embroiled in a battle against deceptive practices. Recently, a deepfake video emerged featuring the actor in a falsified political advertisement, purportedly endorsing a specific party ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

However, Khan has come forward to debunk these false claims, asserting his non-partisan stance and taking legal recourse against the perpetrators.


Addressing the issue head-on, Aamir Khan’s official spokesperson unequivocally denounced the fabricated video, stating, “Mr. Aamir Khan has never endorsed any political party throughout his illustrious 35-year career.”

The spokesperson emphasized Khan’s unwavering commitment to public service, citing his involvement in Election Commission public awareness campaigns over the years. The statement vehemently refuted the authenticity of the viral video and underscored Khan’s proactive approach in reporting the matter to relevant authorities, including filing an FIR with the Cyber Crime Cell of the Mumbai Police.

“We want to clarify that Mr. Aamir Khan has never endorsed any political party throughout his 35-year career. He has dedicated his efforts to raising public awareness through Election Commission public awareness campaigns for many past elections. We are alarmed by the recent viral video alleging that Aamir Khan is promoting a particular political party. He would like to clarify that this is a fake video and totally untrue. He has reported the matter to various authorities related to this issue, including filing an FIR with the Cyber Crime Cell of the Mumbai Police. Mr. Khan would like to urge all Indians to come out and vote and be an active part of our electoral process,” the statement read.

The deepfake video portrays Khan criticizing the incumbent government’s policies, a narrative diametrically opposed to his actual beliefs and professional conduct. In it, he allegedly remarks on a controversial promise attributed to the government, cautioning viewers to beware of deceptive rhetoric.

The cybercrime cell is yet to apprehend those responsible for the creation and dissemination of the fraudulent video.

On the work front, Khan is slated to star in RS Prasanna’s Sitaare Zameen Par and produce Rajkumar Santoshi’s Lahore: 1947. In the former, Khan will share the screen with the talented Genelia D’Souza, while the latter marks his maiden foray into production, featuring stalwart actor Sunny Deol in the lead role.

Reflecting on his upcoming projects, Khan expressed enthusiasm for Sitaare Zameen Par, describing it as a spiritual successor to his acclaimed film Taare Zameen Par. However, he emphasizes the divergent tone of the sequel, promising audiences a delightful departure from its predecessor’s poignant narrative.