Sustainability is a Business Opportunity: How to Run a Resume Writing Service on Campus?


A resume writing business is a great opportunity for a job applicant to get a professional-style resume done. They don’t need to waste hours researching the keywords and tips to impress a hiring manager; they just need some cash to showcase their career accomplishments properly.

The main perk of running a resume writing service is that you can choose where and how you work; you can establish business hours and set up a flexible schedule. You can work on your brand, earn money while studying, and get yourself a solid job experience before graduation.

In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of owning a resume writing service; we’ll provide a step-by-step guide for you to understand how it works and the tips to overcome an applicant tracking system. Let’s go!

Resume Writing Business: What, How, When

A resume writing business is an online service helping job seekers to craft a winning resume. The qualified writers listen to the professional ambitions and career goals of customers and create unique applications tailored to a specific job description.

Just so you know, the average time employers spend looking at a resume is from 5 to 7 seconds. Unfortunately, many resumes are just cliches, copy-pasted from Google, with no unique voice inside. The same applies to the academic field: professional CV help is what applicants need from a pro writers, namely, to create a resume with a unique voice that can easily pass the ATS system.

Even though people often have the skills required to land a job, they fail to create a bot-beating resume and impress recruiting firms. That’s when they turn to a writer with the necessary qualifications; that’s where you need to step in if you wonder how to run a resume writing service on campus.

Benefits of Resume Writing Service Business

A resume writing business can be a good start for becoming an entrepreneur. For individuals with solid writing and organizing skills, it is a great opportunity to kickstart their careers in the creative industry.

Here’s the list of pros one might find motivational to engage in a resume writing business:

  • Low costs — no need to look for financial support or request a loan;
  • Work from home — or campus, if you’re a student;
  • Choose your own pace — whether be on call part-time or full-time; it’s up to you;
  • No need to do formal training — if you love it, you do it (but the writing skills are still needed);
  • Economy-proof — people want to get employed both during good times and bad times, so you won’t depend on recessions as much as the other career resources.

Disadvantages of Running a Resume Writing Business

When you’re a student and want to earn some money, the world is your oyster, and there are no limitations to your growth. However, resume writing business (as any kind of business) needs time and devotion to make it work. So, if you’re curious about how to run a resume writing service on campus, you should look at both sides and decide if you can make it happen.

The cons of creating a resume writing business are:

  • Competitors — you’ll see that many companies offer the same services as you do; you’ll see people running to those firms, asking their career advice expert instead of yours, etc. Be patient because to start earning money, you need to have a great reputation;
  • Non-steady clients’ flow — the hiring tendency can go low some days, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. So, instead of panicking, try advancing your writing business with other kinds of services, like career coaching;
  • Creative satisfaction — resume writing is not exactly the endpoint for a writer. That’s why you probably won’t do this for a long time. That’s okay to run a resume writing business, while you live on campus and that’s okay to stop doing that once you get a dream job;
  • HR background — we mentioned that you don’t require certification to start doing business. We didn’t change our minds, but we just want to leave a short reminder here — being specialized in recruiting practices can increase your marketability among competitors. So, if you are not an HR professional, don’t get discouraged, but be ready for a long journey to success.

How to Run a Resume Writing Service on Campus

To start a resume writing business, you must prepare a business name, decide on a business structure, and obtain a license. It’s pretty much the same as any other business.

Here’s what’s different:

  • Writing skills — concise and persuasive writing is the main selling point for a resume;
  • Interviewing skills — you’ll need those to understand your client’s needs or sometimes even predict them;
  • Marketing tools — depending on how you are planning to promote your services. You may create a business LinkedIn profile or buy a franchise of an already existing business; think about that before the first customers arrive because it will define the tone and voice of the company;
  • Like-minders — shouldn’t be trouble for someone living on campus. To start a business, you need a group of people supporting your idea and ready to give you a hand once something goes wrong. Besides, where will you find the writers? The best writer is the one you know in person!

There’s a lot more for a successful start. You need to figure out starting costs, discuss prices and writer’s compensation, look into intellectual property protection, etc. Besides, many customers will ask for examples of resumes that landed a job, so, at the very beginning, you might need to do free resumes to create a solid portfolio.

Short Summary

If you decide to start a resume writing business, congratulations but don’t forget to analyze your competitors at TopResume review.! You’re one of those fierce students, ready to invest in your future. Don’t get worried about the pitfalls (even though there will be many); gather your best mates and come up with a business plan. Choose your niche, plan your costs, and piece by piece, you’ll become the best writing service on the market!