Suspected Pakistani drone spotted by BSF Jawans in district of Jammu & Kashmir

Suspected Pakistani Drones entering Indian territory; payloads include rifles and IEDs.


On Thursday, 9th June 2022 a suspected Pakistani Drone was spotted by a group of BSF Jawans in the Arnia District of Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, during the early hours of the day, reported by PTI. The BSF Troops were reported of shooting various rounds of fire at the drone. The drone was at a height of 300 meters when the forces open fired. An extensive search has started in the Arnia district in search of explosives and other dangerous materials. 

“A blinking light suspected to be from a drone was observed in Arnia area. (Along the International Border) about 04:15 hours today”. A BSF spokesperson said. “Alert BSF troops fired at the flying object which was at a height of about 300 meters, causing it to withdraw”. He added.

This drone spot came at perhaps the same time when Jammu & Kashmir Police had recovered parts of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Dropped by a Pakistani drone in the Kanchak District of the Jammu and Kashmir region. This drone was carrying a payload consisting of three magnetic IEDs. That were put inside a tiffin box. With the timer set to various intervals of 3 hours, 8 hours, and so on. Through a controlled explosion, the IED was disabled and dispersed by the BSF contingent. 

Forces have also shot down several drones in the recent past in the Samba and Kathua districts of the J&K region. The payload carried by these drones were mostly consisting of IEDs, rifles, and ticky bombs. In April the BSF had shot down a drone entering from Pakistan. Wich was carrying a payload of heroin to deliver to Punjab’s Amritsar. 

“The threat of drones is present everywhere along the Indo-Pakistan border but security forces are alert to foil any nefarious design from across the border in the region,” a senior BSF official told PTI on Monday.

The sticky bombs that were recovered from drones were also found in other places around the district. This has significantly increased the risk for the people in the region. Especially during the upcoming Amarnath yatra which is set to begin on June 30. 

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