Suicide bombings threat by Al Qaeda, central agencies on alert

Threats of suicide bombings have been made by the Al Qaeda leadership in India; Central Intelligence Agencies are on high Alert.


Central Intelligence Agencies are on high alert after the Al Qaeda leadership based in India has issued a letter instigating a series of possible suicide bombings in Indian cities across the country. The letter had also specified that the reason for the threat is to avenge the remarks made against the “Prophet”. 

The letter which was dated June 6 had made the threat of launching attacks in Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, etc. In response, alerts have been issued to all the important places, and law enforcement agencies have been alerted to keep a check on any kind of development in the most crowded places of the cities such as railway stations, marketplaces, airports, etc. 

“Security personnel have been instructed to report to the concerned department soon after noticing any suspicious activity,” one of the agencies commented on the topic. 

 Al Qaeda threat

“A few days ago, the propagators and flag bearers of Hindutva. A system and philosophy hostile to the religion and Shariah of Allah insulted. And slandered the purest of beings, the most honorable after God himself, Muhammad al Mustafa, Ahmad al Mujtaba. And his noble and pure wife, the mother of the believers. Sayyidah Ayesha bint Abu Bakr as Siddeeq in the vilest and evil manner on an Indian TV channel. In response to this affront, the hearts of Muslims all over the world are bleeding and are filled with feelings of revenge and retribution”. The letter says. 

The letter has been issued in retaliation to the remarks made by BJP politicians Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar. Who are suspected to have been suspended in light of these remarks. It was also noticed that the incident has gained quite an international coverage. And with the threat letter, the communal feelings and sentiment have grown across the Muslim community. 

Over the last few days, countries such as Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. have also questioned the Indian government. In this regard, the Organization of Muslim Cooperation has slammed India by calling it “unwarranted and narrow-minded “. Further updates regarding the same are still awaited.

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