Indian soldiers and China's PLA clash at Naku La border sustaining injuries | Business Upturn

Indian soldiers and China’s PLA clash at Naku La border sustaining injuries


A fresh intrusion by China’s PLA (People’s Liberation Army) was reported at the Naku La border area in Sikkim.

The first clash at Naku La was reported 3 days ago when the PLA soldiers reportedly attempted an intrusion inside Indian territory.

This new clash comes in as India’s and China’s troops are already in a standoff at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.

Soldiers on both sides are reported to have been injured with a physical clash ensuing between the two armies as the Indian Army’s troops tried to stop the intrusion. The intruding troops disengaged after a dialogue that happened at the personal level between the soldiers. No firearms were involved in this clash and the situation is said to be in control right now.

There are already pre-established protocols in place that allow troops on both sides to mutually come to agreements in the best interest of their respective nations without having to consult authorities and the Ministry of Defense in Delhi.

China has already been in the works of building new roads and lateral links, surface-to-air missile positions and helipads while also establishing civilian settlements in “disputed but occupied areas”.

This intrusion probably comes as a result of a bid to scout for the next possible plan to occupy major pieces of Indian Territory in the Arunanchal-Sikkim region which China has to claim over.