Centre launches new army recruitment plan “Agnipath”

The Ministry of Defense has a radical army recruitment plan detailing named “Agnipath”.


The Defense Minister had announced in his press briefing on Tuesday that the government is about to launch a new scheme called “Agnipath”. The scheme will lead to the recruitment of around 45000 people within the age group 17.5 years to 21 years, for a total time of 4 years. Upon the completion of the period, 25% of the personnel will join the regular cadre while the rest will leave the service with a package of 11-12 lakh but no pension benefits.

Personnel chosen under the system will be known as “Agniveer” and will be chosen according to standard military standards. Women will be included in the program and will be integrated into the service. Personnel must complete a six-month training program during. Which they will be paid a salary of $30,000 to $40,000 plus allowances. Provision will also be made in case the soldier suffers from injury during service. 

Agnipath scheme

The scheme will ultimately benefit the government and would help them retain the money which would have otherwise been spent on the pension and other expenses of the army personnel. The total amount of money that can be saved from the scheme is about 5.2 lakh crores. But the scheme also begs the question of professionalism and proper training that the soldiers would receive under the scheme. The scheme is starting to draw criticism as well from people.

“An idea that will bring balance between the youth aspirations and future requirements of armed forces. An idea that will make the profile of armed forces more youthful, as per Kargil Committee Report,” said Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar. 

Assurances have been given by all the dignitaries about the success of the plan. In this aspect VR Chaudhari, CAS Air Chief Marshal had commented. That IAF would be imparting critical knowledge of all types of equipment. And weapons to all the cadres recruited under the scheme. He also remarked that the “Agnipath” scheme is an assurance towards the assessment of the young people. Moreover, who join the army.

“We will provide an opportunity to the youth to serve the nation for a short and long duration, as Agniveers. We are giving youth a chance for both long and short-duration military service,” said Lt. Anil Puri, Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs.

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