Journalist viciously killed on the day JDU-RJD government forms

Family of Prabhat Khabar journalist Gokul Yadav said that he was shot dead over Panchayat election disputes


Five criminals shot and killed journalist Gokul Yadav on Tuesday in the Simultala block of the Bihar state’s Jamui district. The journalist was on his way to the market from his house when he was shot five times in the head and chest in broad daylight.

The event allegedly occurred on Tuesday at about 11 a.m. The criminals who rode up on bikes with the intention of killing Yadav targeted 35-year-old Gokul Yadav, a journalist for the daily newspaper Prabhat Khabar. Five individuals on two motorcycles reportedly arrived to murder Yadav, who showed up on two bikes and had been keeping an eye on him, according to eyewitnesses.

Yadav was taken to the neighbourhood hospital right away after the tragedy, where doctors declared him dead. Reports make the assumption that the journalist was killed as a result of anger over the Panchayat elections while the police are still looking into the case. The wife of Gokul Yadav contested for Khuranda Panchayat in the panchayat elections, however, she lost. This caused a number of conflicts in the village. Gokul Yadav was even assaulted a few days ago as a result of the post-election animosity.

According to reports, the Simultala police station also registered a case. The deceased’s father, Narendra Yadav, and his maternal uncle, Shyamdev Yadav, have both stated that the journalist’s death was motivated by the upcoming elections.

According to Simultala SHO Vidyanand Kumar, after receiving the information, the police arrived at the scene and detained two suspects in this matter. After filing the complaint, “additional action would be done on the basis of the application provided by the family.”