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Zomato rebrands 10-minute food delivery service: Zomato Everyday


Zomato, the online food delivery service, announced on February 22, 2023 that it will provide inexpensive fresh meals prepared by real home chefs. It will be launched as ‘Zomato Everyday’, a home-style meal offering.

Zomato Everyday has been currently made available in select areas of Gurugram only as a model program, with fresh meals starting at only 89.


Deepinder Goyal in his blog post stated that, “Our food partners collaborate with home chefs, who design each recipe with love and care to serve you home-styled, wholesome food at the best prices within minutes. By using only the finest ingredients, the food not only tastes delicious, but every dish is of the highest quality,”

For this project, the food partner will collaborate with the home chefs to serve wholesome food.


“Simply browse the menu, customize your meal, and have hot and tasty food delivered right to your doorstep within minutes,” said the company.

The ongoing offering, Zomato has said, will see its food accomplices team up with home cooks who will configure home-style feasts beginning from 89, which the organization says will be conveyed “in practically no time”.

However, startups that have previously attempted a similar product have not been successful.

Before Zomato, Swiggy had launched “Swiggy Daily,” a separate app for home-style meals, in 2019 however this app was discontinued in 2020 due to low demand.

The success of this initiative still awaits reports and more information after its pan-India launch.