Town Essentials Pvt Ltd serves Rs 231 notice to Big Basket operator

In a case of breach of contract, Town Essentials Pvt Ltd has served DailyNinja Delivery Services Pvt. Ltd. and its parent company Supermarket Grocery Supplies Pvt Ltd (the company that operates Big Basket), a notice of Rs 231 crore.

Town Essentials has raised a grievance that a contract with DailyNinja which dictated the company to be its exclusive backend supplier and procurement partner, has been systematically directing its customer to BBDaily, an e-subscription grocery delivery service which has forced the company to raise its billings with BigBasket.

BigBasket and DailyNinja have been asked to pay Rs 6 crore under “lawful termination of the contract”, Rs 200 crore for “wrongful loss of growth opportunity”, and 25 crore for “harassment” and “cheating” perpetuated, as per the notice.

Town Essentials has said that the breach has driven the company’s operations into losses and has forced to sell its customer group and infrastructure to its market competitors.

Commenting on this, a Town Essentials spokesperson said, “The ongoing contract with Daily Ninja, stated that Town Essentials will be an exclusive partner to Daily Ninja until it delivers a certain volume of business to us. During the transition of the acquisition and the lockdown when the supply chain was disrupted, DailyNinja continued to leverage our logistics strength and has ever since been systematically cutting us off with no proactive intimation that BigBasket has been onboarded as new supply partners while the company has been kept in the dark about this.”

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