TikTok will exit from Hong Kong markets after China’s Security Laws

Tik-Tok owned by China based company ByteDance has announced that it will leave the Hong kong markets due to China’s new national security laws.

TikTok will exit from Hong Kong markets after China’s Security Laws. China based company Dance Byte which owns Tik-Tok will exit. Hence, a short dance video making app has announced that it will leave Hong kong soon. They have to take this decision after China’s implementation of new national security laws in the semi- autonomous city. As told to Ruters. As a result TikTok will exit.

Other technological companies like Facebook Inc too has halted processing government requests for user’s data in the region.

Tik-Tok has assured its users. In the past that it will not that it will not obey any of the Government’s request. to share user’s data. Nor it will censor any of its content. It has also said that the government has not ever asked any information about its users.

The company is now runned by former Walt Disney Co executive Kevin Meyer. He has already said that the data isn’t stored in china.

“In light of recent events, we’ve decided to stop operations of the TikTok app in Hong Kong,” a TikTok spokesman said in response to a Reuters.

Tik- Tok has been popular in many countries, according to Sensor Tower it was downloaded more than 2 billion times.  The app runs in both android and ios.

Tik-Tok has no access in mainland China,  instead ByteDance operates Douyin app. Tik- Tok has access all across the world including HongKong.

However recent establishments of laws and policies by China. Which has taken Hong Kong under its complete jurisdiction has led the company to leave the markets of Hong Kong.


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