Scaler celebrates women in tech with INR 1 crore diversity program

Scaler Celebrates Women’s Day 2021 By Earmarking INR 1 Crore to Upskill Women In Tech Through Merit-Based Scholarships For Creating A Diverse Tech Workforce


Right in time for women’s day, Scaler, an ed-tech startup that has pioneered software professional skill development through its meticulous courses, has announced that they will begin to offer merit-based scholarships to women to enrol in Scaler’s courses. The Scaler Include program features coding competitions organized in collaboration with some of India’s top employers and inspiring talks by women leaders who lead by example.

Scaler recognizes the many challenges that women have to face when it comes to pursuing their dreams and aims to give them a more supportive platform that would help them scale new heights. According to a study by Zinnov-Intel India, only 26% of India’s tech workforce comprises women. As part of their Scaler Include initiative, the ed-tech startup will dedicate INR 1 Crore towards offering merit-based scholarships to 1000 women who will be able to enroll themselves in one of Scaler Academy’s many industry-leading courses.

Scaler Academy courses are designed to be nine-months long and offer flexible learning options, with the curriculum being designed by CTOs of industry leaders and taught by lead technical heads from firms such as Facebook, Hotstar, and Professionals enrolling in the course can choose whether they’d like to specialize in full-stack or back-end development. Scaler Academy offers 1:1 mentorship sessions with some of the industry’s leaders to help guide professionals towards the career of their dreams.

Scaler Academy’s courses were designed to be flexible to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals. Abhimanyu Saxena, the co-founder of Scaler, says that Scaler recognizes the many hardships and impediments that women have to face when it comes to working towards their careers. Scaler Academy’s courses are flexible to accommodate the societal pressure of getting married and tending to the family, allowing women to pause their courses whenever they have to and get back to it when they can. The societal expectations of women are much different and challenging than it is for men. Keeping this in mind, Scaler has announced the launch of CodeX-For-Her, an exclusive coding competition exclusively for women software engineers that celebrates their contribution to the tech world.

The event is scheduled to be held over two days in March 2021 and will include inspirational speeches from women leaders from all business and technology spheres. The upskilling event hopes to empower as many as 1000 women this Women’s day by giving out merit-based scholarships to help accelerate their careers.

Scaler’s upskilling program Scaler Include aims to foster the careers of motivated women in the tech industry and help them achieve much more than they already have by empowering them with the skills required to do so. Women professionals who win scholarships through CodeX-for-Her will be able to enrol in one of Scaler’s many courses taught through live, interactive classes that industry leaders teach. The program will also allow women to take their careers to the next level by refining their skills and getting the job of their dreams with mock interviews that emulate hiring scenarios that they are likely to face.