Reliance Industries Limited’s 7977111111 becomes the first AI chatbot to assist shareholders

Reliance Industries Limited owned by Mukesh Ambani has recently partnered with popular online texting platform Whatsappp to launch an AI chatbot developed by Jio Haptik Technologies. It provides the answers to the stakeholders on its ₹ 53,125 crore rights issue and assists investors in the Indian stock markets. The subscription to the rights issue is available from 20th May to 3rd June.

The chatbot can be accessed by sending ‘Hi’ on +917977111111, it replies in only in English. However the FAQ videos are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati and Bangla. This chatbot gives answers to questions like important dates to the rights issue, stakeholder entitlement, trading in physical shares and sample forms.

The 75+ replies include important dates, a calculator on rights entitlement and monies therefore to be paid in the initial installment, the fractional entitlement if any, how to trade the rights entitlement (trades were allowed till Friday, May 29), how to apply, payment methodologies, how to access forms or access the lead managers and the helplines.

RIL has more than 2.6million shareholders and Whatsapp has more than 400 million active users in India.

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