Post retiring as Amazon CEO, what is Jeff Bezos’ plan?

When Jeff Bezos steps down, he has a long list of projects on which he will focus.

On July 5, Jeff Bezos will be going to resign as CEO of Amazon and give over the keys to new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Andy Jassy. Despite taking on the job of chairman of the board, the tycoon businessman Bezos will not be going to retire. He’ll be focusing on things he’s enthusiastic about, such as his Blue Origin space firm, the Day 1 and Earth Fund, and the Washington Post, among other things, now that he’s got a lot of initiatives queued up.

As he relinquishes his position as CEO to Andy Jassy, the industry titan’s social media accounts reveal that he has no shortage of “post-retirement” ideas. The 57-year-old business magnate has recently been posting on Instagram and other social media accounts about his planned space excursions with his brother, Mark. In a previous post, he also disclosed that he was driving an electric pickup truck across the desert to see the launch of a rocket capsule. After investing huge sums of money and valuable time creating his final frontier enterprise, Blue Origins, it appears that space-bound adventures will be a priority in his future plans.

According to the Guardian, Jeff Bezos is going to focus on much more his energy and attention on his news organization, the Washington Post, which he purchased for around $250 million around 8 years ago in 2013. The publication was saved from the extinction done by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and it was later displayed on Amazon devices such as the Kindle, for boosting its popularity.

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