Open an SBI digital savings account with YONO right now: SBI

SBI has said via a Tweet that “Open a Savings account ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Simply download the YONO SBI app and get started now.”


State Bank of India (SBI), the biggest bank in the country, offers a digital savings account that may be opened online without visiting a local branch. Customers can now open an SBI Digital Savings Account without going to a branch or filling out any paperwork. In its place, SBI now enables users to create a digital savings account using the YONO app.

SBI has said via a Tweet that “Open a Savings account ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Simply download the YONO SBI app and get started now.” Opening a digital savings account with SBI itself has a range of benefits such as it is a completely paperless process, no need to visit a branch, OTP-based authentication, quick access to banking and video KYC for the account would be done for account opening.

To open an SBI Digital Savings Account, you must be eligible:

  1. To open an SBI Digital Savings Account, a person must be an Indian citizen, be at least 18 years old, and be exempt from any international tax obligations.
  2. The client must possess a current Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Aadhaar number to open an account.
  3. The customer’s valid mobile number and email address must be set up in his or her name.
  4. To open a digital savings bank account, a person must complete e-KYC via biometric authentication at any SBI branch and adhere to all other requirements, including any KYC processes that the bank may impose.
  5. A customer should only maintain one SBI Digital Savings Account at any given time, and only one Digital Savings Account can be created from a single mobile phone number.
  6. Anyone who satisfies the aforementioned requirements is qualified to open and administer an SBI Digital Savings account in their name. Operating SBI Digital Savings with a joint account is prohibited.

How can a new customer start an SBI Digital Savings Account?

  1. Launch the SBI YONO app, then select the section for account opening.
  2. After that, choose Digital Savings Account and press “Apply Now.”
  3. Choose “Open with Aadhaar using e-KYC (Biometric Authentication)” and then input your email address and mobile number on the following page.
  4. Enter your PAN number to complete the OTP verification process and accept the declarations.
  5. Enter your information after which you take a selfie of yourself.
  6. Enter your annual income information, educational qualification, religion, marital status, father’s and mother’s information, occupation type, and nominee information.
  7. After choosing your card type and version, choose the services you want for your digital savings account.
  8. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions and verified your OTP, you are done.