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Ola will introduce EV taxis and have a fleet of 10,000 vehicles

According to Ola, the new fleet will be operated by top-rated drivers, with 100 percent ride guarantee after cab allocation, zero cancellations, and 100 percent cashless payments.


According to a company announcement on January 4, Ola will introduce electric vehicles in its ride-hailing service with a fleet of 10,000 vehicles. The company stated that the pilot is currently in its final phases. With this, Ola competes against BluSmart Electric Mobility and Uber.

While Uber was conducting a comparable experiment in the Delhi NCR, BluSmart’s operations are only available in Gurugram, certain areas of Delhi, and in the south and east of Bengaluru.

Ola stated in a statement that the new fleet, which it refers to as a premium fleet, will be driven by top-rated drivers, with 100% ride guarantee following cab allocation, 0% cancellations, 100% cashless payments, etc.

Customers have long complained about the high cancellation rates, lower acceptance rates, and drivers who prefer cash payments to internet payments.

“Electrification of the ride-hailing fleet is the next frontier for the industry and a huge step in the direction of the future of mobility. Our roadmap of developing in-house core technologies and products that can be leveraged across the group level gives us a very strong competitive advantage in the ride-hailing business. We are completely reimagining this segment to not only improve the driver and consumer experience but also offer clean and green mobility options eventually to 500 million Indians,” Chief Executive Bhavish Aggarwal said in a statement.

In addition to that, Aggarwal stated that Ola Electric is on pace to introduce electric vehicles by 2024.