India has the potential of turning to SAF market

Julian Manhes, Head of Sustainable fuel Project, at Airbus said India has the potential to turn into a Sustainable Aviation Fuel market.


Recently in an interview, Julian Manhes, Head of Sustainable fuel Project, at Airbus told Live Mint that India has the capability to become a larger market for Sustainable Aviation Fuel(SAF).

SAF, a biofuel having qualities similar to those of regular jet fuel but a lower carbon footprint is used to power aeroplanes. In comparison to traditional jet fuel, SAF can significantly lower life cycle GHG emissions depending on the feedstock and methods utilised to create it. It might even have a net-negative GHG impact, according to certain proposed SAF routes. SAF is needed for the country because it will help in the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels and other petroleum products.

Manhes had said, “Sustainable aviation fuel is at the beginning of becoming larger at scale..globally currently it has less than 1% of overall fuel consumption.” She also talked about how fuel efficiency is the first step toward energy preservation. Airbus is working on making its aircraft more fuel efficient by working on the aerodynamic and avionic capacity of the aircraft. Cost is a consideration for SAF adoption, although economies of scale are crucial. Manhas noted that there has been evidence of corporate travellers’ willingness to pay more for an airline that favours SAF across Europe and the US. “Whether fares go up or not depends on the airlines, depends on local regulations,” he added.

Worldwide, certain airlines, notably United, Air France, EasyJet, Qantas, and Lufthansa, have adapted to SAF more quickly than others; but, according to Airbus, by 2050, approximately 70% of the world’s ATF usage should be SAF-driven.

According to officials with knowledge of the situation, India’s ministries of petroleum and natural gas and of civil aviation are collaborating to release a plan for sustainable aviation fuel in the coming months. Thus the use of SAF would be a new way of reducing the fossil fuel dependency of the country and in turn help in maintaining India’s COP26 targets.