If you want to save your toll money Google Maps will show you how


Google Maps going forward will help not only in helping us reach our destination but also calculate the toll price way up to our destination; including the price for using the toll highways, various methods of payments, what day of the week it is, how much one has to pay if one crosses that particular toll at a particular time.


This feature will be available on both Android and iOS applications starting this month and will span across 2000 toll gates in the US, Japan, Indonesia and India.


It will also help drivers with non-toll routes as well showing them different routes which can be found on the application’s interface where 3 dots on top right are to be tapped and Google Maps will flash an option ‘avoid tolls’, press that and find a brand new route, especially for you.



Moreover, Google Maps has released the latest updates for iOS customers to make Google Maps more viable for usage on platforms like Apple Watch or iPhone. New features like the pinned trip, direct route navigation from the watch, and Siri being integrated into Google Maps. iOS users will also have information like estimated arrival time, departure for their public transport and options of different routes for those using the pinned trip widget


The point to be noted is that the latest updates are available on the latest version of the Google Maps app.


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