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HCL Tech plans to hire 22,000 freshers globally

The company will invest around $200 million to expand to countries like Australia, Canada, the US, Japan, and South Korea.

Noida-based HCL Technologies CEO C Vijayakumar has replaced co-founder Shiv Nadar’s position as the Managing Director (MD) on Monday after working for 45 years. Under his command, the tech company had achieved milestone revenues of $10 billion.

However, Nadar will continue to work as the board’s strategic advisor and has been named Chairman Emertius. In an interview with Moneycontrol, Vijayakumar called Nadar “a legend in the industry”, who could see what lay 10 or 15 years ahead.

He talked about his expectation of Q2 being a stronger quarter. During Q1, the company had planned to be a “little less” because of various dynamics in the business, whether it was transitions or the completion of projects. They came a “little below” of their own expectations due to the second wave of COVID-19 since the company had permitted its employees to use pandemic leaves.

Furthermore, he said the tech firm’s Q4 last year was the peak, where they had witnessed a booking of $3 million. He stated that the right way to look at bookings was on the basis of a year-on-year basis rather than quarter-on-quarter.

He added, “We believe for the full year our bookings will be better than what we had last year. The pipeline is at its highest and they will convert, and our win ratios are very good.”

The CEO refused to share a comment on his agreement with IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) that ended on 30th June 2021.