Germany approves Tesla to set up manufacturing unit

Tesla has to find skilled labour for its project execution and Germany currently is going through a skilled labour deficit.

Elon Musk is on cloud 9 and why not after facing gruelling questions and protocols by the German bureaucracy, Tesla finally gets a head’s up to start an e-car and battery factory in Gruenheide, Brandenburg – Germany.

In the news conference held at Brandenburg (a German state), Tesla was given a green signal to set up a 5 billion euro gigafactory close to Berlin.

Tesla has been in the waiting line for several months now waiting for that license to get approved to begin production of electric vehicle factory and a battery plant in Gruenheide that had been halted by red tape in Berlin.

Elon Musk was quite vocal about how annoying the German law and procedures were. He even wrote a letter to the authorities in 2021 stating that the country’s severe rules and requirements would slow down the fight against climate change.

Although Elon Musk got the approval today, he had hoped to get it 6 months ago. He wanted to spread out in the European market where currently Volkswagen enjoys a 25% market share of electric vehicles compared to Tesla at 13% selling the same.

Elon Musk’s team now has to hire more skilled labour for the plant in Berlin and the present scenario in Germany is that it’s facing a skilled labour deficit. Already close to 3000 skilled labour are working at the plant.

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