Exclusive: Rajat Jadhav, CEO of Bold Care and his journey of destroying Sexual Stigma in Indian Men

Rajat Jadhav is the Founder & CEO of Bold Care and an aspiring Entrepreneur whose exceptional ideas gave birth to a Fitness and Wellness Foundation called Bold Care in 2019. It mainly focuses and aims for the Sexual Well Being & Health of men.

Rajat Jadhav is the Founder & CEO of Bold Care and an aspiring Entrepreneur, whose exceptional ideas gave birth to a Fitness and Wellness Foundation called Bold Care in 2019. It mainly focuses and aims for the Sexual Well Being & Health of men. The establishment has been creating the future of men’s healthcare from the comfort of their homes. It has been one of the first startups that has launched an e-platform service that wishes to eradicate the stigma towards the development of men’s Sexual Fitness and Fertility.

In an educating and interactive session with Mr. Jadhav, we aimed to understand the success he has been able to create in such a short span of time. He explained as “Bold Care” addresses Men’s Sexual wellness, what drove him towards the idea of introducing an online consultation platform especially for men. “Most people in India, including men, have a very reactive approach towards healthcare i.e. they take resort to medication only when a health issue starts having a major impact on their health. We see this with a lot of men in Indian families, and coupled with the shame and stigma surrounding men’s sexual health, this becomes a major factor hindering men from seeking help. We wanted to change this scenario by making it easy for men to get online consultations. In addition to the expert consultations with doctors and sexologists, we also realized that Indian men wanted to have someone to freely discuss these issues with. Hence, we introduced the concept of a personal assistant who is available via call or WhatsApp to answer any questions clients might have. This is a sort of buddy-system that helps reassure men that what they are going through is not a cause for concern and that they aren’t alone in this.”

Further, he addressed the existing competitors and how his company that he built from the ashes has grown into an empire like other clinics that have found acceptance abroad. “The response in India so far has been phenomenal! When we started out, we did have a few concerns about men opening up to us and putting their trust in an online service. However, we realized that once we were able to establish a formal connection with the customer through our conversations with them before and after consultations, they’d open up to the concept of online healthcare. The main concern for most men is confidentiality, so as soon as we are able to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining strict confidentiality, our clients become highly accepting and trusting of our services.”

Most importantly, he probed the stigma that has been created and embedded into the minds of many Indian men by their families and role models. When asked that compared to other countries, what do you think obstructs people to talk about sexual health and wellness in India. He simply replied, “In India, sex has always been talked about behind closed doors and there is general lack of awareness about sex and sexual health issues. Even our schools have no proper sex education lessons. Hence, in my opinion, this aversion that Indians have to sex leads to a lot of people viewing sex through a negative lens. Sex positivity and sexual wellness must be spoken about openly. And parents should not hesitate to talk about these issues with their kids just because no one talked to them about it.”

He did not hesitate to educate us about his views on the Female Sexuality and how women are much more on the safer side following precaution. “When compared to men, women are much more proactive when it comes to taking care of themselves. With regular visits to the OB-GYN, they do take better care themselves. While there are definitely aspects of women’s healthcare that do need to be optimized, we wanted to focus on men’s healthcare.”

Lastly, he informed us about the future plans that could potentially revolutionize the way men look at their Sexual Health and Life. “We want to leverage our recent funding round to help out more men across the country lead better lives. We plan to further optimize our delivery network so that we can deliver to any part of the country faster. We will also be focusing on improving our customer’s experiences and launching new products that address other important aspects of men’s health. In the months to come, we will be launching our own line of hair care products and products that can help boost immunity and better sleep.”

Indeed, entrepreneurs like Mr. Rajat Jadhav is exactly what our country needs amongst diverse cultures and various communities. He has also proved, how he is more than just a businessmen but an educator, contributor and health regime guider to thousands of men that still find it shameful and difficult to talk about an important thing such as their Sexual Health.

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