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Collaboration of SBI Card and Google – 3 modes of making payment

On Monday, SBI Card declared their collaboration and association with Google Pay where customers will be permitted to use their cards on the GPay platform. This was done to encourage zero contact payments as well as digitalization of payments which are more secure than traditional methods of transaction.

Customers can make their payments in three different ways. First of all, they can use the tap-and-pay feature at NFC enabled point of sale terminals. This ensures a speedy process where the seller won’t have to wait and watch the customer dig through their purses or wallets and won’t have to count back change for them. Secondly, customers could opt for another way where they would have to scan the Bharat QR code to make their payment. This ensures feasibility while making payments. Thirdly, customers could go for an online payment option where they won’t require the physical card to move forward with the payment.

Technology will never fail to surprise you. It’ll make your life easier and effortless. This new collaboration will also ensure that the customers can make payments effortlessly and with ease.