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Check out these new AI features adopted & introduced by Google in 2023

Google has embraced AI at a steady pace and all these innovative tech inclusions in 2023 are proof of it.

Artificial Intelligence has created a frenzy in the industry. With media giants adopting this technology, we knew that Google won’t be far behind. Google has embraced AI at a steady pace and all these innovative tech inclusions in 2023 are proof of it. We present forth an exhaustive list of all the AI software and features created during this time span :


Google has now announced the integration of generative AI in both search and Workspace systems.For Sheets and Docs, users can select a portion of text for image generation in a sidebar. Apart from that, there will also be a side panel in Docs, which has been named “Sidekick,” that will possess the ability to instantly read and process the document and then offer suggestions.

Google is also introducing an “integrative search results page” that will give users an overview of the topic one has searched, as well as it will be implemented with a more conversational tone by incorporating options to ask a follow-up question or view some of the search engine’s suggested next steps.


Google announced its “AI-first notebook” for Google Drive called as Project Tailwind. Users will have the ability to select files from Drive, and the system will generate personalized and private AI expertise on the information given. Tailwind can now generate a study guide, for example, highlighting key concepts and suggesting questions or even creating a reading comprehension quiz. The tool can also answer natural language questions about the notes, along with citing all the required sources within the docs.


In Google Photos, the new Magic Editor feature has the ability to reimagine portions of an image that may have been cut out of the frame. Aside from helping with image composition and integrating technology which has already been used for the Magic Eraser, Magic Editor will also help users edit the brightness and other adjustments, as well as alter features like the sky and more.Users will also be able to shift the position of people or objects in a frame to fill in parts of a scene that were not captured in the original shot.


Google is expanding the abilities of the google owned chatbot, Bard, most notably it has worked upon making the experience more “visual.” Bard will now be able to generate images from text as well as generate text from images uploaded by a user.

Google said that Bard will be able to generate and debug code in more than 20 different programming languages. Further, the AI can help users understand the generated code by explaining how and why it’s being used. As one example shown at I/O Annual Developer Conference, 2023, Google demonstrated how Bard could program a specific chess move using the Python language.


The company’s new smartphone named Pixel Fold, is a foldable cell as the name suggests and the exciting thing is that it can also double as a compact tablet. The phone’s ability to unfold into a tablet also allows for a split-screen feature.


Designed specifically for use in the home, Pixel Tablet will feat.ures which will be more advanced in nature and a notch higher than the regular tablets. The device will have the ability to sync compatible devices to turn off lights, control locks, and adjust the thermostat

While Google has embraced AI at a rapid rate, the company also made sure that they are using responsible techniques. “While I feel it’s important to celebrate the incredible progress in AI and the immense potential it has for people in society everywhere, we must also acknowledge that it’s an emerging technology,” said James Manyika, Google’s senior vice president of technology and society, at the conference “That’s why we believe it’s imperative to take a responsible approach to AI.” Thus all the people are waiting for the new google products with bated breaths and it is already deemed to be a huge success once the products enter the industry.