BARC to resume publishing of news viewership data from March 17

Television monitoring agency BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) will resume ratings for news channels from 17 March 2022.


BARC, and the industry at large, welcomes the Ministry of I&B’s directive to resume the release of data for individual News channels. The data will be released as per the Augmented Data Reporting Standards for News and Special Interest genres.

“BARC India is currently working towards ensuring the seamless release of individual news channel data and intends to commence release with effect from our reporting Week 10, 2022. As per our reporting cycle, this data will be released to the market on Thursday, 17th March 2022. We have shared the same with our clients and stakeholders,” BARC said in a statement.

The Augmented Standards entail the reporting of audience estimates for News and Special Interest genre channels on a 4-week rolling average basis, which would be released regularly every week along with the estimates for all other channels. All viewership data will be published on the same YUMI platform that all our subscribers use.

In the weeks leading up to the resumption of news channels ratings, BARC India will be reaching out to its constituents to sufficiently inform and educate them about the details of the Augmented Data Reporting Standards.

With the active support of the Technical Committee members, all our stakeholders and industry experts, we believe we have a statistically sound and effective solution that helps augment the robustness of the data and reporting, which we had set out to do. This would be another crucial step taken by BARC India to ensure a strong currency for advertisers and media organisations.