Bajaj Auto's total vehicle sales decline in January

Bajaj Auto’s total vehicle sales decline in January

Bajaj Auto: Two-wheeler sales fell 25% in January 2023, to 2,41,107 units.


In January, Bajaj Auto reported a decrease in total car sales. Last month, the manufacturer reported a 21% drop in sales to 2,85,995 vehicles.

In the previous fiscal year, the business sold 3,63,443 vehicles.

Two-wheeler sales fell 25% to 2,41,107 units in January 2023, compared to 3,23,430 cars sold in the same month the previous year, with domestic sales increasing 4% to 1,40,428 units and exports falling 46% to 1,00,679 during the review period of 2022.

Bajaj Auto reported a 16% increase in December to 1,73,270 units, compared to 1,49,656 units in January 2022.

According to a business statement, exports fell 47% year on year to 1,12,725 units.

In January 2022, Bajaj Auto exported a total of 2,13,787 automobiles to various international markets.

The earnings of two- and three-wheeler manufacturers grew approximately 23% in the December quarter to ₹14.91 billion for the quarter ending December 31.

The company’s income from operations climbed by 3% to ₹93.15 billion, boosted by strong demand for sports motorcycles over the festival season, when many Indians make large purchases.

In the previous fiscal year, the company’s two-wheeler shipments to Africa, particularly Nigeria, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, accounted for more than half of its motorcycle exports.