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Sunken Barge P305 captain overlooks cyclone warning

Barge chief engineer Rahman Shaikh reveals that had the captain taken the cyclone seriously, dozens of lives would have been saved and it won’t have caused the ship to drift away.

Captain of the ship Sunken Barge P305 overlooked the cyclone Tauktae warning which led to the demise of several lives and also, caused the ship to go adrift and sink in the Arabian sea, reveals the Barge chief engineer Rahman Shaikh.

Shaikh also spills the beans about the scenario. He told that the warning sign had hit the vessel a week ago. He also says that he informed the captain about the same but he ignored the sign, according to The Indian Express.

Well, Rahman Shaikh was one of the fortunate ones who could be rescued. He was earlier admitted to the hospital with an injured knee.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Shaikh says, “There was a miscalculation on the captain’s behalf and also the company. We received the cyclone warning a week before it hit. Many other vessels in the vicinity left. I told the captain, Balwinder Singh, that we must also leave for the harbor. But he told me that winds were not expected to be over 40 kmph and the cyclone would cross Mumbai in one or two hours. But in reality, the wind speed was more than 100 kmph. Five of our anchors broke. They couldn’t withstand the cyclone”.