Mumbai Storm: 100 trapped as illegal hoarding falls due to thunderstorms in Ghatkopar area

A massive hoarding collapse near the Chheda Nagar Gymkhana Recreation Centre in Chheda Nagar’s Sector 3 area, caused by a severe dust storm, has reportedly trapped around 100 people and injured at least 35 as of 5:55pm today.

The incident was first reported by the Mumbai Fire Brigade at around 4:30pm this afternoon. Rescue operations are still ongoing at the site near the petrol pump where the hoarding fell after being struck by strong winds and dust during the storm.


According to Smt Bharti, Medical Superintendent at Rajawadi Hospital, a total of 35 injured individuals had been brought in as of 5:55pm, with all reported to be in stable condition so far.

The Mumbai Fire Brigade, local police, and ambulance services have all been mobilized to the scene to assist with rescue and relief efforts.

A BMC spokesperson said the collapsed hoarding measuring 120 feet by 120 feet was an illegal structure erected on railway land despite being over three times larger than the permissible 40 feet by 40 feet size. The massive dust storm likely caused the illegal hoarding to become unstable and topple over.

As rescue operations continue, authorities are investigating what specifically caused the oversized billboard to collapse during the dust storm and whether further casualties may be detected. The area around the site has been cordoned off by police.

This is a developing story. More updates to follow as additional details become available.