Zomato to deliver food in 10 min, 30-mins delivery too slow: CEO Deepinder Goyal

Zomato Instant as it will be called will commence a pilot with four stations in Gurugram from April.

Online food delivery service provider Zomato aims to deliver food to its customers in a record 10 minutes, after getting into grocery delivery firms, Deepinder Goyal, the founder, said in a blog on March 21.

“I began feeling that the 30-minute average delivery duration by Zomato is too slow, and will soon have to become stale. If we don’t make it obsolete, someone else will,” Goyal asserted.


“Innovating and directing from the front is the only way to withstand (and therefore thrive) in the tech industry. And here we are… with our 10-minute food delivery offering – Zomato Instant,” Goyal further announced.

According to Goyal, the completion of his quick delivery commits depends on a dense finishing stations’ network, which will be situated in close proximity to high-demand customer regions.

The firm will also depend primarily on dish-level demand vision algorithms and in-station robotics to assure that the food is sterile, new, and hot at the time it is grabbed by the delivery partner.

Zomato will room bestseller items – some 20-30 dishes across its finishing sites from the partner restaurants founded on predictability. It also asserts that following the 10-minute model, the prices of the commodities will also get curtailed.

“Due to mandate predictability at a hyperlocal level, we predict that the price for the customer will get significantly lessened, while the absolute rupees margin/income for our restaurant partners as well as our delivery partners, will stay the same,” Goyal declared.

Zomato Instant as it will be called will commence a pilot with four stations in Gurugram from April. The development arises at a time when Zomato is aggressively investing in food-tech and robotics startups. Last week it declared a $5 million investment in robotics firm Mukunda Foods which aims and manufactures smart robotic equipment to automate food preparation for restaurants.

Before that, it financed ad-tech company Adonmo and B2B software platform UrbanPiper Technology as part of its bigger plan to deploy $1 billion across startups. Last week, it also expanded a debt of $150 million to recover cash-strapped rapid commerce startup Blinkit.