Which hiring strategy should you use: IT staff augmentation or in-house hiring?

In light of a business environment that is always changing, there is an increasing demand for software development expertise. Yet, the lack of qualified technical personnel in the local market is often problematic. More developers are working remotely, thus many companies are looking for quick and efficient solutions to hiring staff.

Direct hiring might be a simple alternative for businesses with a well-established software development team since they already have the infrastructure in place to assess applicants. The process of recruiting software engineers directly might be challenging for businesses without a development staff or for those that are too busy to find and assess prospects.


Herein lies the role of staff augmentation. Typically, staff augmentation is submitting a job description to a staffing firm, which will then pair you up with developers who have the technical aptitude and personality compatibility to succeed at your business.

We’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of adding to the IT personnel vs. making new employees in this article so you can decide which approach is better in each situation.

IT Staff Augmentation – What Is It?

IT staff augmentation is the process of expanding your internal IT workforce with external assistance.

Your company may acquire the IT staff augmentation services it needs without having to hire more full-time workers by adopting IT staff augmentation services. This might be an excellent strategy to scale the growth of your project while also conserving money and obtaining the necessary knowledge when you need it.

Why Should You Choose IT Staff Augmentation?

Savings On Expenses

You just pay for the assistance you need when you require it when you employ IT staff augmentation services. As compared to recruiting workers, staff augmentation dedicated teams may save your business a significant sum of money. Also, you can avoid paying for benefits, onboarding, training, and health insurance, as well as office space and other resources.

Flexible Scalability

With a staff augmentation company like Fireart Studio, you may expand your team far more rapidly than you would be able to by adding direct employees, with the additional benefit of avoiding being bound by a lengthy employment contract.

Having Access to the Top Talent

The staff augmentation agency can easily provide the necessary personnel if the organization just only specifies the skill sets needed for the position. Locating professional personnel to work on your project is simpler, and staff augmentation guarantees that you have access to a worldwide repository and are not restricted to the local pool of specialists.

The ideal way for businesses to use internal and external resources is to identify any skills gaps and then fill those gaps with additional workers. Access to industry specialists is made more accessible with the help of staff augmentation, which reduces the amount of training and development needed to bring the resource up to speed while working on the project.

What Drawbacks Does Staff Augmentation Have?

After seeing the advantages, we must comprehend the hazards associated with this paradigm. First of all, as it is a lengthy project, it will take some time to identify specialized individuals that possess the necessary qualifications. As compared to recruiting a full-time professional to bolster the current team internally, the resources used are still less. Also, training the new external personnel may take some time. Yet, by properly organizing the procedure, it is feasible to cut down on the onboarding period.

In-House Hiring

You have total control over the recruiting, screening, and onboarding processes when you hire staff.

This guarantees that everybody you recruit, in addition to having the required abilities and expertise, is a good match for your business culture.

In-house recruiting has a number of disadvantages, including the following:

  • Even just locating the appropriate personnel might take a lot of time.
  • You lack protection from fraud, hacking concerns, or other dangers.
  • Key talent may not always be accessible in your region.

What Projects and Roles Fit Staff Augmentation Better Than Full-Time Hires?

The ideal use of staff augmentation is for specialized, implementation-based tasks. For continuing business tasks that call for a high degree of expertise and attention over time, full-time hiring is preferable.

In this situation, your core team should carry out internal project management duties, such as establishing the scope of work.

The ideal project components for staff augmentation are those that can be well-defined and have definite objectives and deadlines.