Top 3 BharatPe’s executives exit company due to disruptive work culture

Three senior executives of fintech startup BharatPe have left the company due to the startup’s aggressive work and indecisive authority.

The source requested to be anonym while giving out the information.


Subhasis Beura, head of New Brands and Commerce; Pavan Pathak, Senior Vice President, products; and, Aviral Gupta, Head of Investor Relations and Financial Planning, are leaving the two-year-old startup, only months after a senior-level appointment and exits.

According to the source, it is to be believed, some of the top executives left this year without even waiting for their ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) to vest the minimum period after which they can be sold.

On Monday, CEO Ashneer Grover said, “At BharatPe, attrition has been very much under control. We have seen negligible leadership exits at BharatPe over the last two years. A few team members who decided to move on in the past, did so to pursue more senior opportunities or start their entrepreneurial journey. In fact, working for 18-24 months with a fast-growth company like BharatPe considerably helps professionals enhance their skill sets. This makes them a highly desired asset across companies.”

Moneycontrol reported that the source said, “The company has an atmosphere where CEO Grover calls all the shots, and many senior executives have little to no power.”

“It is my way or the highway when it comes to him. With senior people, there should be that room to have a discussion and figure it out, but you never feel like he cares for what you say,” a senior executive said.