Thinking about sustainability along with beauty? Go for lab-grown diamonds: Mihir Sagar, Founder of Iced Out By Maq LLC

Diamonds have always been admired for their beauty and brilliance, but their high cost has made them inaccessible to many. Thanks to advancements in technology, lab-grown diamonds are now a viable and more affordable option. This means that more people can enjoy the beauty of diamond jewellery without straining their finances. Mihir Sagar, the founder of Iced Out by Maq LLC, a leading lab-grown diamond jewellery firm, recently discussed the positive impact of lab-grown diamonds on the diamond industry.

Mihir says Lab-grown diamonds are more than just a fad – they are a powerful catalyst for sustainable transformation and a new definition of luxury! There are numerous benefits of lab-grown diamonds, and one of them is sustainability. For a sustainable future, every business model is shifting towards the process and progress that leads to a sustainable environment and lab-grown diamonds are doing it for the diamond industry. It is affordable, eco-friendly and as unique as the real diamonds. The emergence of lab-grown diamonds has also resulted in a significant shift in the market dynamics.


According to the experts, following two consecutive years of setting records in rough diamond sales, the diamond market has recently witnessed a notable decline in prices, marking the lowest point in the past year. This downturn in prices has occurred after increasing demand for lab-grown diamond jewellery. Mihir also quotes.” Diamonds are forever, Lab-grown diamonds are for everyone”, as the craze of lab-grown diamonds is touching a new milestone every time with the upgradation of techniques and science.

Diamond aficionado Mihir Sagar also explained how lab-grown diamonds are contributing towards sustainability. Traditional diamond mining involves the labour-intensive process of extracting diamonds from deep within the earth, using significant resources and requiring complex logistics. These factors contribute to the higher cost of earth-mined diamonds. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are created through advanced, environmentally friendly processes, resulting in reduced costs and a smaller ecological footprint.

In a conversation with the media, Mihir Sagar said, he has completed his gemology from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) with a specialisation in diamonds. He also provides valuable guidance to customers on making informed purchasing decisions. His company Iced Out By Maq LLC provides gemstones, watches, jewellery and lab-grown diamonds globally, and has established strong partnerships with a client base that includes top jewellery manufacturers, retailers, and brands worldwide. Not only this but with the positive feedback and endorsements of his loyal and satisfied customers, he started securing orders from the royal families of Dubai. Even celebrities relied on his services and became regular customers.

Mihir is also known as “Maq” the nickname given by his clients due to his excellence and expertise as a diamond merchant. His label Iced Out By Maq LLC is paving its way towards the global diamond market by introducing beautiful, gemstones and jewellery, especially made from lab-grown diamonds. This diamond aficionado is unstoppable and on a run towards promoting affordable, sustainable and beautiful jewellery, watches and gemstones. You can check his Instagram page @icedeoutbymaq for more information related to the same.