Tata Group & Nvidia form partnership to boost AI

Nvidia globally has a near-monopoly on the computing systems used to power services like ChatGPT, OpenAI’s blockbuster generative AI chatbot.

According to a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation, the Indian Tata Group and US chipmaker NVIDIA will soon announce a partnership in artificial intelligence.

The insider noted that an announcement is anticipated later in the day.


In the meantime, Reliance and NVIDIA of India announced on Friday that they had partnered to develop generative apps and AI language models for millions of Taboola cellular subscribers in India.

According to the firms, NVIDIA will supply the necessary computer power while Jio, a Reliance affiliate, would operate and maintain the AI infrastructure and be in charge of user engagement.

In addition to offering energy-efficient AI infrastructure to researchers, developers, and startups across India, Reliance will build AI apps and services for their 450 million Jio (telecom) subscribers.

Globally, ChatGPT, the popular generative AI chatbot from OpenAI, is powered by computing devices that are almost exclusively manufactured by NVIDIA . Because it reads a written prompt and creates a human-like answer from it, the AI that powers these applications is referred to as a big language model.

The collaboration will grant Reliance access to the most recent iteration of NVIDIA AI chips, the Grace Hopper Superchip, which are designed to execute AI inference duties and efficiently power applications like ChatGPT.